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News You Can Use – October 11, 2019:

LCPAA Winter Fundraiser Kickoff

What makes band, show choir, winter guard, theater, and other arts events work? Lots of hard work, blood sweat and tears, and of course, money. To help offset the costs of these activities, there are a number of fund raising opportunities that have had a history of success. With your efforts and participation, these events will be successful this year too! This year, the PA department will be going to Disney. The following fundraisers can help students earn money towards their performing arts fees. Once fees are paid in full, any funds raised can go towards the Disney trip.

Upcoming events include:

  • Yankee Candle (Online through January)
  • Poinsettias & Succulents
  • Sundaes Ice Cream & Coffee
  • Toffee


Fundraiser Kick-off Info

Starting October 14 & 15, LCPAA families will be able to raise funds for their student's account by offering great products at a great value!

Students will receive order forms and information about each fundraising opportunity in their performing arts classes or they can pick them up in the PA office after Tuesday, October 15.

Fundraisers include:

  • Yankee Candle (Online through January)
  • Poinsettias & Succulents
  • Sundaes Ice Cream & Coffee
  • Toffee


Deadline: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 by 4pm in the Performing Arts office.

Delivery: December 2 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm and December 3 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm Studio Theatre


Yankee Candle

Orders are still accepted ONLINE ONLY. For online shopping: visit, enter the group number 990102986, and click the start shopping now button. When you check out, type in your favorite performing arts student’s name so they receive credit for the sale.

Products will be shipped directly to the buyer with online shopping. Shipping and taxes may apply. All online Yankee Candle sales will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

ONLINE Yankee Candle sale through January 8, 2020.

Please contact LCPAA Fundraiser Coordinator, Beth Sheeley with questions at fundraiser@PROTECTED or 317-752-2693.



Scrip is simply a work that mean “substitute money” – in other words, scrip is gift cards from national and local retailers.  They’re the same gift card that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our Scrip program including The Gap, Pizza Hut, Kohl’s, Walmart, and many other businesses.

To sign up for Scrip:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Join a program
  3. Put in the enrollment code: 746C566141847
  4. Fill out the registration sheet and make sure to put down your student’s name in the student name field.

**Anyone can sign up – friends, family, etc. – just make sure they put your student’s name in the student name field so that they can get the credit.

For more information about this program, please look at the fundraising section on our website:

Fall Break

Reminder: Fall Break is Monday, October 21 to Friday, October 25. Marching Band and Guard students have rehearsal starting on Wednesday, October 23. Please plan to attend. BOA is the October 25th & 26th.


ISSMA Scholastic Marching Band Competition


Lawrence Central is proud to host the ISSMA Scholastic Marching Band Competition is Saturday, October 26. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children and students. As it is an ISSMA Competition, there is no discount or free admission available. LCPAA Season Passes are not accepted.

Call for Volunteers for the ISSMA Scholastic Marching Band Competition at LC on Saturday, October 26th

Many open volunteer spots available for the ISSMA Scholastic Marching Band Competitions. Shifts are available throughout the day in parking, water tables, cookie baking & sales, admissions, checking hand stamps, etc. Please contact lcpaavolunteers@PROTECTED or text Jenn O’Neill 317-374-7463 for shift information and include the name of the person in your family who can volunteer and the shift you would prefer: morning, afternoon, or evening. Also, please confirm your e-mail address and phone number. We will email reminder postcards to volunteers to confirm shift times approximately a week before the event. Thank you in advance for your support!


Dance Recital

The Fall Dance Recital is Tuesday, October 15, at 7:30pm in the Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now for $3. Tickets at the door are $5. Season Passes are accepted for free entry.


Season Passes

Season Passes have been mailed out. If you would like to purchase a season pass, they are $40. Please contact Melody Pancheri for more information at melodypancheri@PROTECTED or 317-964-7450.


Rookie Show DVDs

Rookie Show DVDs are in. If you ordered one, please come by the Performing Arts Office to pick yours up.

Quota Fees


Each class is charged a participation/quota fee for charges associated with that class.  This fee covers uniform or costumes, props, special music arrangements, instruments in good repair, etc. To the look at the specific fees for your student’s performing arts class, please see the attachment.  Quota fees are due September 1 & February 1.  Payments can be made by cash or check at the Performing Arts office located in the Hall of Fame inside Door 11. Credit card payments may be made at by selecting “Make an Online Payment” and following the link.  There is a service charge for paying by credit card.

Disney 2020

The LC and LN Performing Arts are going to Disney in March 2020. Choir students are highly encouraged to go as they will be competing and performing at the Heart of America Competition. All other PA students are encouraged to attend as well. Students will attend workshops designed for their respective PA classes. Please make sure that you register with Music Travel.

Payments to Disney

Payments to Disney from student accounts will be made in December, February, and March. Students who would like to make a payment from their accounts must 1) have their quotas paid in full and 2) email Mrs. Pancheri at melodypancheri@PROTECTED who the payment is for and how much should be applied to their Music Travel account.


Please refer to our website,, for information about LCPAA, including a calendar.


All LCPAA parents, guardians & students should to sign up for the listserv message to receive important updates and messages, especially about fundraising.  On the website, click on “+ Contact Us” and sign up.

All LCPAA parents, guardians & students should to sign up for Remind 101 to receive important updates and messages, especially about fundraising. It is highly recommended that parents also sign up; this is the quickest way to receive timely updates!

To sign up, text @LCPAA to 81010


Calendar of Events:


October 11      6:30 PM           LC Senior Night @ Football Game – Marching Band, Guard, Athletes

October 14      All Day                        Winter Fundraiser Kick-off

October 15      All Day                        Winter Fundraiser Kick-off

October 15      7:30 PM           Fall Dance Recital

October 16      6:30 PM           Spooktacular

October 10      4-6 PM             Fall Play Auditions

October 21-25                         Fall Break

October 25      All Day                        BOA Prelims @ Lucas Oil Stadium

October 26      All Day                        BOA Finals @ Lucas Oil Stadium

                        All Day                        ISSMA Scholastic @ LC         

October 30      4:00 PM           Winter Fundraiser Deadline

October 31                              Halloween


For a complete calendar of events, please go to and click on calendars.


Performing Arts Staff

Matthew James                   Director of PA, PA Department Chair,            Matthewjames@PROTECTED     (317)964-7451

                                                Director of Bands

Emily Trapani                    Assistant Director of Bands                               emilytrapani@PROTECTED          (317)964-7491

Milo Ellis                             Director of Choral Activities                              miloellis@PROTECTED                  (317)964-7441

Kayla Harris                       Director of Choirs                                                kaylaharris@PROTECTED            (317)964-7457

Craig Ghormley                 Director of Orchestras                                         craigghormley@PROTECTED       (317)964-7442

Kathleen Horrigan            Director of Theatre                                              kathleenhorrigan@PROTECTED  (317)964-7477

Julie Reid                             Director of Color Guard                                     juliereid@PROTECTED                  (317)964-7492

Tangela Davis                     Director of Dance                                                tangeladavis@PROTECTED          (317)964-7492

Steve Yoder                         Director of Percussion                                         stevenyoder@PROTECTED           (317)964-7562

Jay Young                            Director of Jazz Band                                         jayyoung@PROTECTED                               (317)964-7563

Melody Pancheri                Performing Arts Administrative Assistant       melodypancheri@PROTECTED   (317)964-7450


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