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Subject: LCPAA Message - Need Your Help
Date: February 26th 2019


We need your help on Saturday, March 9.  The Volunteer Coordinators have tried to contact all marching band, winter guard, winter percussion and show choir families (& all other choirs and Dance families) to ask them to volunteer for our biggest fundraiser: the Classic.


LCPAA hosts this event (& others), in order to keep our Quota costs more affordable for all our families (other show choir & marching band students in other schools in the area pay $1000 or more).  The Classic is our biggest event and requires almost 200 adult volunteers and over 100 student volunteers.  Every performing art student benefits from the proceeds of this fundraiser by keeping our Quota prices low while maintaining an exceptional educational experience.  Some families have two adults helping and even volunteer for more than one shift.  The plain truth is that we need everyone to step up.  Parents, grandparents, other family members, older siblings & friends all have the opportunity to volunteer.


Please consider volunteering or finding someone in your family to volunteer next Saturday.  If you volunteer for the event, you can see the show choirs perform for free! Call or text Jenn O'Neill at 317.374.7463 or email at  Thanks for any support you can offer!  Jenn O'Neil

Volunteer Coordinator
David O'Neill's mom
Tracy Thatcher
Volunteer Coordinator
Morgan Thatcher's mom
Ronda Gullion
Volunteer Coordinator
Mitchell & Erica Gullion's mom

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