Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Newsletter 5/30/17

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Subject: Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Newsletter 5/30/17
Date: May 30th 2017

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Newsletter 5/30/17


2-9 Rehearsals and Forms:


Student Account Payments:


Apparel Orders:

  • All MPLT apparel orders will be placed online this year. The first order will be placed on 6/21/17.




Save the Dates:

Day                        Date                      Event                                                                    Location               Time
5/27-6/19        VACATION!                                        
Sa                    6/17                 LN Band Rummage Sale (LN Only)      LN                    TBA                                          
Tu-W               6/20-6/21        Rehearsal                                                LN                      2-9pm
Th                    6/22                  Rehearsal                                                LN                     10-4pm
Th                    6/22                  Drum Corps Evening Field Trip           Lucas Oil          5-11pm
F                      6/23                  Rehearsal                                                LN                     2-9pm
M-F                  6/26-6/30        Rehearsal                                                LN                     2-9pm
Sa                    7/1                   Tag Day                                               Community     8am-4pm
M                     7/3                    Rehearsal                                                LN                     2-9pm
Tu                    7/4                    Lawrence July 4th Parade                    LC                      10am-12pm
7/5-7/22          VACATION!                                                    


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