Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Newsletter 8/21/17

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Subject: Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Newsletter 8/21/17
Date: August 21st 2017

Newsletter 8/21/17



  • A HUGE shout out to Beth Sheeley and the entire team of volunteers, and to all the participants who made the MPLT My School Color Run a huge success!  THANK YOU!
    • Please turn in pledges as soon as possible.


Rehearsals and Performances:


Shuttle Busses & Pick Up:

  • Activity buses operate Monday through Thursday leaving at 7pm from LC door 11 (or LN door 4 when rehearsal is there).  MPLT students will be able to ride after Monday and Tuesday rehearsals.


Student Account Payments:


Fan Club & Fundraising:

  • Fan Club: Thursday evening rehearsals are Fan Club Nights.  Parents are encouraged to come and watch the band’s progress and catch up with fellow parents.   Rehearsals will continue to be in the practice lot until the stadium opens.


Apparel Orders:

  • All MPLT apparel orders will be placed online this year.  The third and final order will be placed on September 26th.



Save the Dates:
Day                      Date                      Event                                                 Location            Time
M                            8/21                       Rehearsal                                            LC                           4:30-6:30pm
M                          8/21                     Color Guard Rehearsal                  LC                         6:30-8:30pm
Tu                           8/22                       Rehearsal                                            LC                           4:30-6:30pm
W                         8/23                     Color Guard Rehearsal                  LC                         7:00-8:50am
W                            8/23                       No Rehearsal                                    
Th                           8/24                       Rehearsal                                            LC                           6:30-9:30pm
F                              8/25                       Rehearsal                                            LC                           4:30-6:15pm
F                              8/25                       Stadium Dedication                         LC & LN                 6:30-7:30pm
Sa                           8/26                       Rehearsal                                            LC                           2:00-9:00pm
M                         8/28                     Rehearsal                                        LC                         4:30-6:30pm
M                          8/28                     Color Guard Rehearsal                  LC                         6:30-8:30pm
Tu                         8/29                     Color Guard Rehearsal                  LC                         7:00-8:50am
Tu                         8/29                     Rehearsal                                        LC                         4:30-6:30pm
W                          8/30                       No Rehearsal
Th                           8/31                     Rehearsal                                            LC                           6:30-9:30pm
Fr                            9/1                         Rehearsal                                            LC                           4:30-7:00pm
Fr                            9/1                         LN v’s LC Football                             LN                           7:00-9:00pm
Sa                           9/2                         NO REHEARSAL

Check the MPLT Google Calendar regularly for updates.

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