Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: Itinerary for 9/1/17 LN v's LC Football Game

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Subject: Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: Itinerary for 9/1/17 LN v's LC Football Game
Date: August 31st 2017
Friday, September 1st
LN vs LC Football Game
4:30pm           Rehearsal at LN!!  
5:15pm           Rehearsal Ends. Dinner provided by MPLT Meal Plan. Change into your show shirt and khaki shorts.
6:15pm           Be in arcs outside band room doors to march over to the stadium.
6:48pm           Pregame in East end zone. We will remain in the east end zone for the first quarter.
7:00pm           Kickoff. We will play in the East end zone during the first quarter, warm-up during the second quarter, and perform halftime. We will not return to the game as a group after halftime!
9:00pm           Approximate dismissal time from LN Band room. We will dismiss together as a group once everything is loaded.
  1. You are responsible for your OWN equipment!
  2. The daily after school rehearsal shuttle bus will run on Friday from LC to LN. Parents will need to pick up FROM LN!
  3. If your equipment went on the Semi after Tuesday 8/29 rehearsal, it needs to be loaded BY YOU on the semi after the game! No one will do this for you!
  4. If your instrument did not get loaded on the semi, you are responsible for getting it back to LC for Tuesday 8/5 rehearsal.
  5. If you decide to return to the game after dismissal, you will need to take all equipment with you. The band room will be locked after dismissal.
  1. Color Guard will wear 2017 MPLT Show Shirt and black shorts.
  2. Winds and percussion will wear 2017 MPLT Show Shirt and khaki shorts.
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