Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: Hayride Reminder, and Schedule Updates

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Subject: Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: Hayride Reminder, and Schedule Updates
Date: October 3rd 2017

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Hayride: The annual MPLT Hayride will be on October 11, at Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville after rehearsal.  This event gives our marching students some well deserved down-time!

  • Turn in form and payment by Friday 10/6/17 to your performing arts assistant (checks payable to LCPAA or LN Band).
  • Please click here to SignUp for volunteer positions and donations of soup, chili, desserts and more.  Lets provide a feast for these hard-working marchers!
  • The cost is $12 per person.  Click here for registration form. 
  • Dress for the weather
  • You do not have to attend to donate food.
  • Contact Courtney Clardy at for more information.


Schedule Clarification:

Tu                           10/3                       MPLT, Belzer & FCV Side by Side Concert  LN                      6:30-8:00pm  
Tu                           10/3                       Sundae’s Dine to Donate Fundraiser                      
W                         10/4                     Color Guard Rehearsal                                  LC                         7:00-8:50am
W                            10/4                       No Rehearsal                                    
Th                           10/5                       Rehearsal                                                            LC                           6:30-9:30pm
F                              10/6                       Rehearsal                                                            LC                           4:30-5:15pm
F                              10/6                       Football – LC Senior Night                            LC                           6:15-9:30pm
Sa                           10/7                       No Rehearsal – Fall Break                           
W                          10/11                     Rehearsal                                                            LC                           10:00-5:00pm
W                            10/11                  Hayride!                                                              LC                          5:00 - 11:00pm  
Th                           10/12                  Rehearsal                                                            LC                          10:00-5:00pm   (Equipment will move to LN after rehearsal.)
F                              10/13                     Rehearsal                                                            LN                           10:00-5:00pm
F                              10/13                     Football – LN Senior Night                           LN                           6:15-9:30pm
Sa                           10/14                     Rehearsal and ISSMA Regional                                                ALL DAY (Depart from LN, return to LC)

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