Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Itinerary for Friday and Saturday

From: "Marching Pride of Lawrence Township" <>
Subject: Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Itinerary for Friday and Saturday
Date: September 11th 2018

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Friday, September 14, & Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lawrence Central High School


Lawrence Central High School Homecoming Football Game

Lawrence Central Marching Band Invitational


Friday, September 14

4:30 pm               Rehearsal Begins on Practice Lot


5:30 pm               Rehearsal Ends   


6:15 pm               Dress into Full Uniform

                                Band: Wear show shirt as undergarment with full uniform

                                Guard: Black rehearsal attire


6:30 pm               Winds and Battery set up arc on Practice Lot


6:45 pm               Winds & Battery head to stadium


6:52 pm               Pre-game

                                National Anthem

                                Tunnel Up

    LC School Song


7:00 pm               Kickoff

                                Winds & Battery in stands for first quarter

                                Pit and guard on track and tennis courts


~ 7:40 pm             Winds & battery warm up on tennis courts


~ 8:15 pm             Approximate time for Halftime performance


~ 8:45 pm             Change, put uniforms away properly


~ 9:15 pm             Approximate time for Dismissal


Saturday, September 15

8:30 am                Report to LC

                                       No parking on campus. Park at the Northeast Office Central across Caito from LC


9:00 am                Rehearsal Begins on practice lot


11:30 am             Snack break and move to stadium


12:30 pm             Rehearsal Resumes


2:00 pm               Dismissal

        If you stay at LC for the day, stay in the band room or, you may wear your show shirt for admission into the contest if you wish to watch the show.

        Do not play your instrument anywhere on campus or in the PA area.

        Please, do not wander around the school.


6:00 pm               Report Back to LC


6:30 pm               Pizza Dinner/Ice breaker with Belzer in LC Commons


7:10 pm               Change


7:50 pm               National Anthem Rehearsal with Belzer in LC Fieldhouse


8:25 pm               Transit to stadium


8:38 pm               National Anthem Performance on the field with Belzer

                                         Go directly to Physical Warm up area in front of school


8:47 pm               Physical Warm-up


9:16 pm               Music Warm-up


9:56 pm               PERFORM!


10:09 pm             Go back to band room and change


10:40 pm             Recap of the day


10:50 pm             MPLT Dismissal


10:55 pm             REQUIRED for ALL LC Students (and any willing volunteers from LN)

                             Clean Campus and Stadium


11:30 pm             LC Dismissal

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