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Subject: LCPAA - Orchestra Message - Side By Side Concert
Date: January 29th 2018

Side By Side Concert


Symphony Orchestra Concert with Belzer Orchestra


On Friday, February 9th the full LC Symphony Orchestra (Winds and Percussion included) and the Belzer 8th Grade Orchestra will have present a Side By Side Concert. The concert will begin at 7:00 pm. Rehearsal, dinner (bring $3) and activities will precede the concert. No other LC Orchestras will be participating in this concert, but all are welcome to attend any, or all activities on the itinerary below.

4:00pm - Belzer walk to LCHS
4:15pm-5:15pm - Sectionals
5:30pm-6:15pm - Rehearsal
6:20pm-6:45pm - Dinner 
(6:30pm 8th grade parent meeting)
7:00pm - Concert at LCHS


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